Habrechtorgport thought about buying a richstacker... hoping for the best Habrechtorgport thought about buying a richstacker... hoping for the best

In the next few months, the flow of goods passing through the Khabarovsk Territory will increase at least twice, the Government of the region is confident. The drivers will be external sanctions pressure and the closure of the usual sales markets in the western direction. The mileage of navigable rivers in Russia has decreased by 2 times in 17 years, sea and river border crossings will have more in common ... paperless The infrastructure of the Habrechtorgport includes six mechanized berths with a length of 646 linear meters, combined into three cargo areas. Transshipment works are carried out here, there are covered warehouses and open storage areas, its own fleet, including marine, logistics and repair facilities. Currently, the outgoing logistics of the harbor consists of construction materials and special equipment, incoming – consumer goods. The port also works as part of the Northern Delivery to provide fuel and food to the northern hard-to-reach areas of the region. At the same time, the harbor currently uses about 20% of the existing capacity. The plans include the allocation of additional areas to expand the range of goods and increase cargo transshipment, as well as the purchase of a reachstacker, which will allow transporting large–capacity containers weighing up to 40 tons. – In the near future, the port should start working 24/7. The Ministry is ready to provide all necessary support, including to work out issues together with the customs authorities to increase the speed of cargo clearance," said Irina Gorbacheva, Minister of Transport and Road Management of the Khabarovsk Territory. Recall that in the USSR, 146 thousand km of river routes with guaranteed dimensions of the ship's course were used for navigation on inland waterways, by 2004 in Russia, due to the reduction of the territory, this figure was 102 thousand km. Ten years later, in 2014, it was already 65-86 thousand km, in 2021 – 49.87 thousand km. km, according to Rosmorrechflot
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